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Passions: Captive Heart

War looms in the distance. But can love bridge the gap?

When Kaitlin’s father promised her hand to the foulest individual in the newly settled town, she decided she’d had enough! No man would control her anymore! Kaitlin packed her meager belongings and headed out on foot from their remote home to find refuge in the small settlement. However, she marched straight from one man’s command into another’s.


M.L Ruscsak, founder of Ruscsak Films, is currently in pre-production on five blockbuster projects that feature A list stars. We are always looking for partners to break new ground with on the screen. Contact us about investment opportunities with our upcoming projects

The New Reign

The Darkness is coming ... are you ready?

18 years ago her birth right was taken from her. Now she will reclaim what was lost. She will find out the truth from that night. For she is Nisha and she is the darkness.


Uniform and Lace:


Navy electrician Tessa is ready to embrace her newfound freedom on her deployment. While working toward a coveted promotion, she breaks the tedium by rocking the single life until she meets Noah.

Our 10 year plan

The Lite and Darke Franchise

The Obsidian Chronicles

Pt 1: Secret of the Stone

Pt 2: The Power of Obsidian

Pt 3: Tide of War

Pt 4: Escape

OF Lite and Darke

Pt 2: The Fallen

Pt 3: Secrets of the Past

Pt 4: Lies of the Star Cities

Pt 5: A Daughter's Betrayal

Pt 6: The Daughter of Darkness

Pt 7 & 8: The Silent Wars

Legends of the Mind

Pt 1: Origins

Pt 2: Kingdoms and Secrets

Pt 3: TBA

Uniform and Lace

Pt 2: Vexed


Pt 4: Impasse

Passions Series

Pt 2: Passions of the Heart

Pt 3: TBA

Pt 4: Sprite Bear : Rise to power

Stand Alone Films

Eyes with No Soul (YA paranormal suspense)

WOLVES UNCHAINED Pt 1: Werewolves Don’t Like Green Beans

WOLVES UNCHAINED Pt 2: Protectors of the People


The Other Side of Privileged

A Little Bermuda Love


A Killer, Revisited

The Vampire Prophecy

Predatory Evil

Driven in Love

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