You know what has come to be but do you know where it began?


Before Nisha. Before Adrianna. Before the countries even had names, there were the Star Cities. Ruled each in their own way… all answering to one.


Primitiva was born the second daughter of the royal house of Lunaista. She was born for greatness. Born to be the first as her name suggested. If she stayed on her safe little star she would either die without ever knowing her true potential or be forced into marriage. Neither appealed to her.


A vision told her the truth. Death would come for her if she stayed. Leaving her only child under the cover of darkness she did the unthinkable and dove into the abyss. Somewhere out here was her destiny. Somewhere she would find a way to help her sister survive. Somehow the child that she saw in her vision would be born. That child would one-day rule Both Pallas and unify the Star Cities. She just had to make sure the bloodlines for that that birth would come forth. Even if it meant turning her back on all that, she had ever known

Reader be warned not all as it seems to be.

Travel back to the moment that Vasilissa became queen. The moment when she learned the truth of her bloodlines.

Find out the truth of Myrddin's appearance where he truly hailed from. See if all of his secrets have yet to be told. 

Think you know why Larna killed the royal line of Feyen? Think again. For all is not as it seems to be. 

Was Nisha always chatty with her aunt? Did she always listen to the advice that she was given? Find out before all is revealed

Eighteen years ago, Princess Nisha became an orphan just days after her birth. Her parents and all of those with Fey blood all gone. All consumed by a fire that none had been able to stop.


Or at least this is what is told. This is what is spoken aloud. Truth? Perhaps. But these are words Nisha has never trusted. Couldn't trust since they have never sounded quite right.


Yet, not even her beloved aunt ever believed her when she questioned the events of that night. No one believed her when she had turned thirteen and she became the queen of the Under Kingdom. They didn't trust her when her powers and natural abilities began to grow to frightening results. That was fine, if they didn't want to believe her then once she home and crowned Queen of Darke, then she would show them. Once she was Queen then she would find every answer that she had ever wanted.

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Stand Alone


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18 years ago she was saved by a fire that tore through her home. Saved? or Kidnapped and forced to endure a life of a common street rat just trying to survive?

Either way the life that she has always know is not the life that was meant to be hers

But with the death of her mother she must now decide if the truth is worth finding or if she can just keep the freedom that she now has.

Taken in as an infant a life of servitude is all that she had ever known. Each day the price to pay her contract growing as her basic needs are met. But with help of a spirit... a ghost could her life change just as Christmas Dinner is served?

Memories are carried with all of us as reminders of where we've been, what we've endured and how we've survived. Journey with these eight wonderful authors as they give you a peek into their hearts. Their stories will bring smiles and tears that touch your soul. Enjoy the memoirs of each author's yesterdays and carry them into your tomorrows. Each memory is just "A Snapshot in Time."

2019's Military Anthology

Once a Marine always a Marine regardless if they are on this planet or another world.

Here are three short stories written in keeping the spirit of the Maine Corps at heart.

All proceeds are divided between FitOps and Wounded Warrior 

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