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Several college students end up going to a town in Ireland for their Spring Break. They drink and dance for the first night. As they leave for the night, the group starts walking in a different direction. After a small amount of time, they've ended up lost. Afterwards, they find themselves in a neighborhood left in ruins. The students see an opportunity to explore the area. Out of all the places only one is more dark and decrepit, though remains standing well enough. The students want to check out the place. Their interest is exciting, though their wonder is excessive. After making the choice to enter, the students pass out! Because a mysterious horrific accident happened to them! The new victims are forced to face many challenges to survive! Throughout this unique and original haunting story, these characters are forced to face obstacles, battles, and magic against many difficult and skillful enemies! Their survival depends most on how they can overcome their worst fears, even some of their most tragic fears! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08...


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