And World: Trying To Save The 800 000 And More

By Story Monger

I followed his voice to the living room. “What’s your problem?! You can’t do this!” I found his father, Bob, my step-dad, standing over him; Max was sprawled on the floor—bloody.

>>Follow the story of Andrew as he deals with the costs of getting what he wants, earning riches and fortune and facing the past Less

It was my fourth stint at Redimere Island General Hospital, the one that had finally earned me a “code-red patient” status and the second time someone from the apartment complex had made a call to the cops over my drunk raving squabbles, saying, “You guys gotta hurry, I don’t want to live in a place where some guy killed himself.”

>>Follow the story of Yaya, as he deals with finding meaning in his suffering and fights for his mind

The burning blue fire of the blow torch moving closer had caused a flurry of thousands of images, videos played in a fast-forward mode, and articles to be scoured within inches of a second.

>Follow the story of Zero, as it learns what it is to be human

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