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By: M.L.Ruscsak

There are times in our writing lives tat things become murky. We doubt our own writing, our stories, our hard work. We sit idly by staring at a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper. The words fail to come through our own doubt.

But yet we hope. We dream. And as a community we push past those doubt and insecurities. Our community or writers inspire us to dream bigger. They push us to reach beyond the stars.

This is what a few authors that I have the esteemed honor of working with have done. They have had their moments of doubt. Their moments of almost giving up, but our community brought them back. We have pushed them to a greater height that most ever dare to dream of.

They are proof that all things are possible even in the world of Indie.

So to Kristen Collins : Here is the link to the Official Down the Rabbit Hole Movie Page -


To Tina Maurine and Sheri Brandson , I promise a revision as soon as your official sites are up.

And to all three Wonderful authors, the books are great but the movies will be Awesome.

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