Dark Consequences

Dark Consequences is book 4 in the Club Risqué series. Each book is a standalone HEA but you will meet a cast of characters who will appear to some extent in each book. Book 1 is currently on promotion at 0.99 and all titles are available in KU

Excerpt: In the end, it was petulance born of frustration that won out. Probably unwisely, since Connor's answer was to take her little outburst out on her ass. "But, Connor, that's not fair!" she whined. She almost cringed at her ownwords, aware that she sounded peevish and needy. But damn it all, she was! It wasn't enough to stop her, though, even when she should have known better. "You can't just expect me to stay like this!" Connor's expression went from vaguely amused to flinty, and Laurel knew that was never going to bode well for her. "I can, and I do, Fluff," Connor proclaimed in no uncertain terms. "Or are you telling me that you are not capable of following a Dom's specific demands and behaving like a good girl?" She wanted to be a good girl. She wanted to be his good girl, Laurel thought a little wildly. But she was just so highly strung. "I can so be a good girl," Laurel declared querulously. "You're just being mean!" "And you're just being a brat," Connor retorted. "But don't worry, I know just how to deal with your brattiness and how to provide you with a compelling reminder at exactly the same time." Laurel's eyes widened, and she took an instinctive step backward at the same time as her hands moved, entirely of their own volition, to make a vain attempt at covering her bare backside. "Oh no, pet," Connor promised darkly. "That really isn't going to help." In a flash of movement that shouldn't have been possible for such a big man, Connor had managed to seat himself on the bed, grasp Laurel securely around the waist and settle her across his knee. "Connor, no!" Laurel squealed, vainly attempting to reach back and save herself. "Too late for that, pet," he growled. "You should have thought about the consequences before you decided it would be a good idea to get all mouthy with me."

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