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About Jan Notzon Jan Notzon, one-time actor (Another World, Matlock, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) and now playwright and novelist was born and raised on the Mexican border in Texas. After a stint in The Big Apple, he now makes his home in Charlotte, NC. Author of seven full-length plays, a one-act and a children's story (The Gift of Arbol Ceiba), he has recently turned his attentions to the novel. His first, The Dogs...Barking, is the coming-of-age story of a boy growing up in challenging circumstances and how, as he grows into a man, he learns to deal with the devils his upbringing has instilled in him. His odyssey takes him from the staid, conformist 1950s to university life in the wild-eyed, rebellious '60s and on to the raw, frenetic power of New York City to pursue dreams of stardom. Amazingly, he finds the resolution to his quest in that same sleepy little town on the Mexican border where his journey began. His second novel, And Ye Shall Be As Gods, traces the story of Jake Kazmareck, his quest to discover the evil that plunged his beloved baby-sister into despair and his lost love into madness. After a journey filled with agonizing self-discovery, he finds what he seeks in a most astonishing place. Next is The Id Paradox, the tale of three friends, their almost fatal adventure canoeing down the Rio Grande, their frustrated attempt to sneak one's family across the Mexican border that ends in the apparent death of one and the consequent estrangement of the other two. When news reaches them that their bosom buddy is not dead but rotting in a Mexican prison, they come together to launch a rescue attempt. The endeavor is successful and heals the rift between the two. Now the challenge is to rebuild the broken spirit of their friend. Jan's fourth, Song for the Forsaken, chronicles how the loss of faith brings the relationship of two dirt-poor sisters in Appalachia to the brink of disaster, and shows the family history that led them to that pass.


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