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We keep our house small but query letters are accepted . 

Publishing never cost you money. 
However, for editing other then basic grammar and spelling. Or Advance Covers we do not charge you but do refer you to both editors or cover designers. We help with marketing but you are responsible in helping. Not all ways cost money or do you ever pay us to reach out to marketers on your behalf.

Indie Full Support

Editing Services


2.50 per page

· 1 round of going through your manuscript

· Marking errors in spelling, grammar, typos, capitalization, punctuation, and spacing

· Final review before publishing- a manuscript should be completely ready for publication

· Depending on the length, proofreading could take up to two weeks


$4.00 per page

2 rounds of going through your manuscript

Marking errors and inconsistencies in syntax, plot, setting, characters, font, graphics, rules, along with spelling, grammar, typos, capitalization, punctuation, and spacing

Second-to-last review to make sure everything is consistent, cohesive, and complete

More time-consuming than proofreading so could take up 2-3 weeks to complete

Developmental Editing

$6.00 per page

4 rounds of going through your manuscript

Guidance in story development, character refining, filling plot holes, scene tightening, world construction, and pacing/conflict/tension considerations.

Next step after you write the book

The lengthy process could take up to 4 weeks

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Other Editing Options 

Basic Editing 

$30 per 5 pages


$50.00 per 5 pages 

Foreign Language

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